Is it possible to edit or update the rubric linked to an assessment that is currently in use?


For context, in one of our courses, we initially had 12 modules. However, we removed the last 3 modules earlier this year. Our assessments/activities used a rubric to grade all 12 activities corresponding to these 12 modules. Now, we want to update the rubric by removing the last 3 activities (10, 11, and 12). Unfortunately, it seems that the rubric is locked and cannot be edited, likely because it is currently in use.

To work around this, I copied the rubric and made the necessary changes to the new version. Now, I want to replace the old rubric with the updated one. My concern is whether this replacement will affect the grades of students who have already been assessed using the original rubric, as we are planning to delete the original rubric.


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    Hello @Avinashdeep.K.637,

    You are correct that once a rubric is in use it becomes locked and cannot be edited.

    You can, as it sounds you're planning to do, detach the rubric, but this will have the effect of loosing the rubric assessment. The overall score/grade that was mapped to the activity as a result of using the rubric will remain, but the rubric assessments would be lost, and after reattaching the new replacement rubric, you would have to reassess the user using the new rubric if you wanted the attached rubric to reflect the original assessment.

    I hope that helps!


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