Wiki Needed

I'm new to BrS, am currently setting up my courses, and recently found out that BrS has no wikis. Where can students creatively collaborate? The absence of a wiki tool is a fatal flaw of BrS. I'm frankly shocked. An LMS must have a wiki tool. When will one be created? I need it this fall.


  • Julie.L.787
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    Hi @Elisabeth.G.1787 ,

    Thanks for connecting with the Brightspace Community to share your questions and feedback.

    Brightspace has a similar tool called Discussions. I'm connecting you with documentation so you can learn more about how they can be used for student collaboration.

    About discussions
    Create discussion forums and topics

    I would also encourage you to provide comments on an existing PIE item that we have going to share your use case. Please ensure that you are logged into the Community so that you are authenticated into our Product Idea Exchange.

    I hope this was helpful for you to enable student collaboration among students in Brightspace😀

  • Elisabeth.G.1787
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    Hi, Julie, wikis are not discussions. The former are editable collaborative spaces, the latter are discussion spaces. The lack of wikis on BrS is a fatal oversight. LMSs for online teaching need proper collaborative spaces.

  • Stephen.G.968
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    Hi, @Elisabeth.G.1787.

    If you teach at an institution that has tied itself to Microsoft products (as opposed to Google ones), you might ask your local Brightspace admin if they'd help you try the Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook integration. OneNote Class Notebook is absolutely not a wiki, but it does provide an online space for student collaboration. Maybe it will suit some of your goals, and at the very least, if you're at an Office 365 institution, neither OneNote Class Notebook nor its integration with Brightspace will require an additional purchase.

    Interactive demo of collaboration in OneNote Class Notebook:

    Admin-focused integration information: