Reissuing certificate to the same learner and keep track of all issued certificates


Hi there,

We currently offer a course where learners complete the content and receive a certificate of completion. They have a year to complete the course and after the year are unenrolled. Because of the 1-year period, we allow learners to reenroll into the course with their previous credentials if they wish to gain access to the materials and assessments again.

However, we've had learners who will complete the content again and wish to have a new certificate with the most recent completion date. Because they use the same credentials, only their previously earned certificate is available.

Is there a way to issue the same completion certificate with the new date but not lose record of the previously earned certificate? We want to be able to have a record of learners who have multiple certificates.



  • Meredith.S.894

    Unfortunately, there currently isn't a way to reissue the same certificate with a different earned date.

    The most common way that organizations allow/require their learners to show course completion a subsequent time is to create a new version of the course each (calendar/fiscal) year. Using Import/Export/Copy Components, you can copy the previous version and then make updates to the new version. If a learner needs to refresh and wants to get recognized for that, you can enroll them in the current year's version. Remember to create a new award in the new course with the current year in the name, to avoid confusion.

    If you decide to allow all learners who completed the previous year's version to be enrolled in the next year's version, you can automate this process using an Intelligent Agent. Create an agent in the previous year's course, go to the Criteria area and create a release condition for anyone who has earned the completion award. Then in the Actions area, set up the user enrollment changes.

    I hope that gives you some options to consider!