Are there public Brightspace courses that don't require a log in?

Kourtnie.H.217 Posts: 5 🔍

  1. Do participants within a course need to have university credentials to get into the course?
  2. Can a Brightspace course be made public to where participants don't need university credentials?

I have an instructor who offers classes to the community, so the participants aren't technically university students as the classes don't count toward any credits. More for those interested in learning something new. Currently, all the participants have to be registered and given a university email and such to get into Brightspace. This take a lot of time and energy considering they aren't actually students. 



  • Dmitry.L.956
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    Hi @Kourtnie.H.217
    Unfortunately, users have to be formally enrolled in courses in order to be able to access them, due to restrictions of Brightspace as a commercial platform. The process of enrollment varies from one organization to another.
    For details of the end-user agreement for your organization and applicable processes, please reach out to the internal IT team of your University, , phone 641-784-5400