Default discussion view at system level?


Is it possible to set the default discussion view to grid view at the whole university level?


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  • Meredith.S.894
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    When you set it to grid view at the organization level, that will cascade to every since org unit (including all courses) in your Learning Environment. This means that the view will change for users who had Reading View selected before. If you decide to do this and you have active courses, you should communicate this change to everyone.

    To set this up, go to the Discussions tool at your org level. If you don't have a link to it or to Course Admin in your org level navbar, go to the Org Unit Editor, locate your org level and click on Course Admin (below and to the right of your org name). From Course Admin, you can navigate to Discussions, click on the Settings button and select the Grid View option. You should also check that the See Grid View permission is enabled for the different roles that interact with Discussions.