anyone else have weirdness with their CD deployment notifications?


Today at 9:52am US EDT, I received a notification that my latest CD deployment was "complete", but then at 10:08am US EDT, I received a notification that my latest CD demployment was "starting". Anyone else have a weird anomoly like this? Also, did the deployments timeframe change and I miss a notice? Ours normally happen in the PM instead of the AM. My customer success manager is out so I thought I'd ask the community in case anyone else experienced this weirdness.


  • Kevin.W.73
    Kevin.W.73 Posts: 1

    Hello Mandi. Sorry for the delay in getting you a response here and for the confusion/weirdness you experienced. There was some queueing of notifications that occurred resulting in the notifications becoming backed up (and potentially mis-ordered as you experienced) for some of our customers who received their CD updates overnight on May 16th. This should not happen again as the cause is known and is being protected against going forward. Rest assured that your CD deployment did still occur at the regularly-scheduled time and will continue to occur at the expected time that you are used to.