How do I convert the grades to percentages?

It just shows the points per assignment


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    Hi @Melissa.M.539

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    Assuming your grade book scheme is already set to "Percentage", please take the following steps:

    • In the upper right corner of your grade book, click on "Settings" (gear icon).
    • Next, click the "Org Unit Display" tab.
    • Then select "Grade scheme symbol" (See below)
    • Click "Save".

    This option will enable the display option (Grade Scheme) set up for your Brightspace Gradebook - again, assuming that the grade book in question is set to Percentage.

    If you want to make sure your Brightspace Gradebook default Grade Scheme is set to Percentage, you may take the following steps:

    In the "Enter Grades" area of your Gradebook, click "Schemes":

    If that is not the case, you may modify your grade scheme by running the "Setup Wizard" (the tab to the right of "Schemes" on the above screenshot).

    • Go to Setup Wizard
    • Click "Start"
    • At Step 4/7, select "Percentage":
    • Finally, click continue to move ahead with your Brightspace Gradebook setup.
    • At Step 7/7, click "Finish".


    Note: Again, if the Default Scheme of your course's grade book is already set to "Percentage," please ignore the above last set of steps.

    You may find more information about the "Display Options" for your Brightspace Gradebook at:

    I hope this is helpful.