Assistance with Drafting Discussion Board Posts

Could you please guide me on how to save a draft of a post on the Discussion board? I would like to compose my message in advance and have the option to publish it when necessary.


  • Renee.J.194
    Renee.J.194 Posts: 113

    @Alexander.T.545 , you might or might not be able to save a draft, depending on your site settings. If you are enabled to save a draft, you will see that option in the Post/Cancel area. If your site does not enable users to save a draft, then you will only see Post and Cancel. If you do NOT have "Save as Draft", then you can do what we recommend to our students and instructors. Compose your draft in your preferred text editor, such as Word. Then copy/paste it to your D2L discussion post.

    Here is what Save as Draft looks like.

    After you save a draft, here is how to get back to it. Click into the discussion topic, and choose the filter to see "Drafts". This will let you see, edit, and post your draft. Don't forget to return the discussion to "All Threads" when you have posted your draft.