Quiz only showing summary but not allowing students to take it?

Alexandra.S.535 Posts: 5 🔍

I added a quiz I had previously created to a module using Existing Activities. I was able to add the quiz, however, when I click on it, the quiz just displays the instructions, I cannot access the quiz. When I go to the quiz from Quizzes in the NavBar (as a student) I only see a quiz summary, I cannot take the quiz. Help!



  • Johnny.B.962

    @Alexandra.S.535, sounds like the quiz has an End Date in the past so you are no longer able to take it. Do you have any dates or Release Conditions on the Quiz?

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  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 242 🌟

    @Alexandra.S.535 Are you using the View as Student option from the menu in the top right corner? That will only let you view pages and not actually submit quiz attempts/assignments/posts. You will need to impersonate a student in order to test those activities (if your institution allows that).