api call to add multiple questions to quiz?

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I was wondering if there was also an api function with which i can add one or multiple questions to a quiz?
I found the functions for adding quizzes and retrieving quiz questions but adding them i cant find, is there a way?


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  • Johnny.B.962
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    @Roel.S.337, at this time there is no API routes for creating/adding questions to a quiz. Only thing that is available is a GET Retrieve Quiz Questions call, which it sounds like you've already found. All of our current API routes can be found on our Developer Platform site, which is updated regularly. Although it can sometimes be hard to find what you are looking for on that site, if it's not on there, we don't have a route for it at the moment.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Roel.S.337
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    ok, thanks so im not overlooking something… thats a pitty! I would be a great route to have, maybe i can add a PIE for it.