Why doesn't Brightspace Community Events include those posted on D2L.com?

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Under Events on Brightspace Community, the www.d2l.com/events are not listed. For example, there is an event on April 9th from 1-2 pm titled Using AI to Design Better Online Learning. I don't find that referenced anywhere within the Brightspace Community. I just wondered why?


  • Julie.L.787
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    Hi @Debbie.H.47,

    This is a great question! We're working to connect Community members with more D2L content all the time! Last week we released an update to the Community Search Tool, that lets members find all the YouTube Videos from the D2L Website here in Community, as well as all the developer documentation and Learning Center content (all of these are separate sites- so your feedback here is super timely and helpful!)

    We'd love to work on getting more events into Community too! Is there a specific event or series you noticed on the main site that you'd like to see added to Community first?

  • Debbie.H.47
    Debbie.H.47 Posts: 7 🌱

    Webinars for Higher Ed like "Using AI to Design Better Online Learning", "Design the courses of your dreams with Creator+" and/or "Ethical Concerns for AI in Education". And adding the registration information for an upcoming webinar "How to Supercharge your LMS with AI Co-Pilots".

    Working in Higher Ed, having resources all in one place with the ability to view past events is a game changer for getting faculty on board with new technologies! Thanks for your looking into this!