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We have creator+, but we are just assigning initially on a limited basis. Can you tell me how I assign it to just one course at a time?


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    Hi @Vicki.B.487

    The following article explains how you can enable Creator + for one course at a time:

    "You can enable Creator+ for your whole organization or roll out Creator+ tools for a smaller pilot by using the D2l.Tools.CreatorPlus.IsEnabled configuration variable. None of the Creator+ tools are visible until you turn on the configuration variable. D2l.Tools.CreatorPlus.IsEnabled is a cascading configuration variable that allows you to enable Creator+ tools for your whole organization, a semester, or a department.

    When the D2L.Tools.CreatorPlus.IsEnabled configuration variable is ON, Practices and Insert Element immediately appear in the Classic Content and New Content (Lessons) edit page. The Content Styler applies the Creator+ style sheets to newly-created topics. A new or updated style sheet is not retroactively applied to existing topics."

    Basically, once you search the Config Variable browser for the D2l.Tools.CreatorPlus.IsEnabled  configuration, you will be able to set Creator + on or at the org unit level (courses).

    I hope this is helpful.