Changing value of question in a quiz after writing

I've done all the logical things to make this happen, and it seems like such a simple issue is unfixable at present. One of my quizzes has a question valued at 5 points but it should have been 30. It appears it's impossible to correct this for anyone who has written the quiz. It boggles my mind that something so simple is impossible. Is there any thought to making the editing of quizzes after writing possible in the future?


  • Tauany.S.691
    Tauany.S.691 Posts: 24

    Hi @George.C.862,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    Currently, changing the points a question is worth will only change it for future attempts, but not for completed attempts.

    We really value feedback like this from our clients and would be grateful for you to submit an idea within our Product Idea Exchange. You can access it through the Quick Links widget found on the main homepage of the Community.

    Kind regards,