Where can I upload my custom css to the it applies globally ? to avoid adding in each page.

I can paste my css through HTML editor and it works fine but having to add in 100s of pages is not very productive. Is there a way to upload or paste my CSS to make them work globally ?


  • Ashwin.R.60
    Ashwin.R.60 Posts: 26

    Hello Abhishek

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    Based on your description, I understand that you are trying to upload a CSS template into brightspace and have and option to use the same template at every HTML editor.

    Unfortunately, this option is currently not available. You will have to upload/paste the CSS code required into the HTML editor [ Source code editor] individually.

    If you would like more options I would highly suggest the submission of a PIE item, or
    upvoting one that suits your use case. You can also create a new PIE item and upvote.

    Brightspace Community Idea Site: Submissions (brightidea.com)


    Ashwin Ravi