Dynamic Quizzes?

Hi everyone,

We have an instructor who would like to see some dynamic quizzing functionality in Brightspace D2L. Here is what he claims:
I use the R/exams package to create assessments as Blackboard packages (see, e.g., https://www.r-exams.org/tutorials/exams2blackboard/). This tool creates dynamic quizzes by making a question library for each question from which the question the student sees is randomly selected. I write a template and the tool generates a bunch of versions of the question from the template to populate the question library for that question. And the tool saves these as Blackboard packages which Brightspace claims to be able to import.

I would like to be able to successfully import these packages into Brightspace without any of the content being stripped off.

Circa 2019-2021 this worked fine, allowing me to create flipped versions of introductory statistics and general physics I and II using these R/exams generated questions as the homework and tests.

Sometime around 2022, Brightspace started stripping all of the base64 encoded stuff out of the questions, which means all of the figures and graphs started disappearing, but I could still import questions without figures or graphs. Very irritating, but at least I could still make new questions with no graphs or figures.

Circa this morning when I double-checked, Brightspace also seems to strip ALL of the questions from the question libraries, whether they have base64 encoding in them or not, which leaves me with diddly squat (i.e., it imports a collection of empty question libraries). So, as of now, all this work was for naught. This goes beyond very irritating.

So, basically, I'd like for Brightspace to allow Blackboard package imports again (i.e., really allow them, not just nominally with everything useful stripped out).

I would be grateful for your insights and solutions.