Where do I find repository or org level reports for the LORs?

Annette.P.996 Posts: 7 🌱

I saw that the LOR (learning object repository) has an event log for each object. Are there repository-level or org-level reports we can run? If so, what kind of reports are there? Where do we find them? I do not see that information in documentation.


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  • Sangeetha.T.629

    Hi @Annette.P.996 ,

    Thanks for reaching us through community!!

    Can you please provide more details on where you found event logs for LOR to provide more details on whether it gets repository level or Org level?

    You can browse each object by following details in provided link - Browse LOR

    Please let us know if you have any further concerns.



  • Annette.P.996
    Annette.P.996 Posts: 7 🌱
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    Hi, @Sangeetha.T.629 -

    Thanks for replying. I saw the event log on an individual object in the LOR. That is helpful to see where an individual object is used.

    What I am looking for are reports that show all of the objects in one report, their metadata fields, when they were added, when they were updated, current locations, usage (number of times they've been viewed, reused etc.). I haven't found that kind of information.

    If it helps, here's a scenario: As instructors add items to LORs, we would like to run reports to see how many items have been added, date added, person who added them, and if there is any missing or incorrect metadata.