Rubric Overall Score


Is there a way to remove/hide the "Overall Score" section from a Rubric? It seems redundant given that students can already see their total score, and the Gradebook already translates that score to a letter grade, or P/NP as applicable, for each assessment.

Or alternatively, is there a way to put an equation in that'll calculate the points for each level based on the Rubric total?



  • Olly.F.893
    Olly.F.893 Posts: 55

    I don't think it's possible at the moment. What people typically do if they don't want to use that section is reduce it to one column, so that it just contains some text to indicate that the marking is complete, or to indicate where the learner should see their general feedback.

    It is something that's occasionally been requested before. If you go to the Product Idea Exchange via the Quick Links in Community, and search for D2428 or D9009, you'll find a couple of previous suggestions you can upvote or comment on.