What effects the accuracy of quiz logs for quiz entry?

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I have been hearing a few reports from students who say that they have been able to enter a Brightspace quiz, take the quiz, but cannot submit the quiz. I have now had two different students who have had this problem, and one of the students has had the issue happen a couple of times throughout the semester.

Presuming I’m getting accurate reports back from these students, I think the issue might be a connectivity thing (both students say they took the quiz in a location with spotty Wi-Fi, and one of the students was also out of the country when she took the quiz). The added complication is that in all of the cases where students have reported that this has happened, there is no record in the attempt log that the students ever entered the quiz in the first place. If the students are reporting this accurately, this seems to mean that the occasional student is getting into and all the way through a quiz without there being ANY record in Brightspace that they even logged into it.

Have you all heard anything about this problem?

Among the other issues with this (which include students perhaps claiming this has happened when it hasn’t), is that reopening the same quiz to those students lets them take (for a grade) a quiz or exam they have already taken once.


  • Iwona.S.533
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    Hi @Maureen.B.542

    Thank you for posting your questions. We are sorry to hear that some of your students experienced issues during the quiz attempt.

    There is no geographical limitation and all users who attempted the quiz should be able to submit it unless they exceeded the time limit.

    Additionally, all quiz logs should be recorded.

    If you could open a support ticket, we would be able to analyze the quiz settings and review logs for the affected users.

    Thank you,

  • Maureen.B.542
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    when does the quiz log start recording? Does clicking the button "Start Quiz" trigger the quiz log?

    What effect does the WiFi status have on the log?