Intelligent Agents - Feedback


Hello, I would like to implement a feature where an email is sent to the corresponding user when feedback is posted regarding his/her submission. I know there is a condition for this ("Receives feedback for submission folder: …"), but I would like to know if there is a way in which the message can contain the feedback itself and the name of the assignment for which the submission was uploaded.

Thank you.


  • Olly.F.893
    Olly.F.893 Posts: 55

    Hi Patricia. I don't think it's possible to include the assignment feedback in an intelligent agent email.

    The other way you can get users to be notified on receiving feedback is via email notifications. You can set the default notification preferences for new users, or guide existing users to turn them on for feedback being released on an assignment. This also doesn't contain the feedback though.

    One of the reasons for this is that some of the methods for giving feedback, like annotations or the rubrics tool, couldn't be condensed into an email, so in many cases learners would need to go into Brightspace to get the most comprehensive feedback.

  • Patricia.A.694
    Patricia.A.694 Posts: 6 🌱

    Okay, thanks. Is it also not possible to put at least the name of the assignment?