Can you use the Brightspace API to add a Survey to a Topic Item?

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You can use this call to update topic items. The json parameters you send in the post has a url parameter that is supposed to point to the Survey. However, when retrieving the survey, the SurveyReadData does not contain a url parameter. Is it possible to create a topic item that has a link to a survey? Thanks.



  • Ashwin.R.60
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    Hello @Malte.W.235

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community.

    To add a survey link to the topics in Contents, you can go to Contents> Add existing> surveys

    After this, the topic will contain a link to the survey.

    When retrieving the topic data via API, you will see the quick link to the survey

    API call: GET /d2l/api/le/(version)/(orgUnitId)/content/topics/(topicId)

    Here is an example showing the same:


    Ashwin Ravi

  • Malte.W.235
    Malte.W.235 Posts: 9 🌱

    Hi @Ashwin.R.60, thanks for the reply. Is it possible to add an existing survey to a topic ONLY using the API? Thanks.