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regarding shuffling Questions in a quiz

Leo.P.568 Posts: 2 🔍
edited March 25 in K-12
when creating a multiple choice quiz I do Not get the the questions shuffled.
In the "Timing and Display" section I have the following setup:
- Set time limit = check
- 1 question per page
- Prevent going back to prev. pages = check
- Shuffle questions and sections within the quiz (sub-sections not be cascaded)=check
Can anyone help? Please. Thank you. Leo


  • Ricardo.S.110
    Ricardo.S.110 Posts: 135

    Hello @Leo.P.568

    Welcome to the Brightpace Community.

    I can see that you have your quiz set up correctly if you want its questions to be shuffled. In this case, I would recommend you reach out to the D2L Helpdesk for further investigation.

    Now in case you are talking about shuffling the options for a multiple-choice question, when editing the quiz, click on the desired question, scroll to the bottom of the window and check off "Randomize answer order".

    I hope this is helpful.