New variables in arithmetic questions for each new attempt


When using the arithmetic questions in a quiz with multiple attempts, the same variables appeared each time. In the preview, different variables appear, but when completing the test as a student (ie professor status changed to student) the variables remained the same. We are aware that new variables can be generated for each attempt according to colleagues at other universities.



  • Jace.R.900
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    Hello! That's a good question! I haven't run into that problem before, but I do have a few recommendations that may help rule out some of the basics.

    The first thing I'd recommend is checking the arithmetic question configuration. Make sure that the identified variables have different min and max values (as using the same value in each field will result in something that isn't truly a 'variable'). There's a few elements to this that aren't always obvious, so I found a good tutorial video that may clarify a few steps and their meanings.

    If it's a particularly complex arithmetic question, sometimes I've found that it's helpful to start with a simple equation ({x} + {y}) and then add on an element and preview it each time something new is added. That way, I can find out if anything in particular is causing my question to 'break' or not render properly. It helps identify any areas where we may be trying to enter instructions that the tool isn't understanding.

    Beyond that, if it looks like the configuration is set properly, it might be a good idea to make sure that the test submission that's being done in the student role is being fully submitted instead of exiting the test and leaving it 'in progress'. Returning to that 'in progress' submission, even a fake one, will retain the questions you were asked when originally entering it. I'm wondering if perhaps that's what is happening?

    That said, you may be able to save yourself a few steps by using:

    • The Preview tool that's available when you press the down arrow to the right of the quiz title as an instructor
    • The Preview tool that's available above the quiz question list while editing the quiz, or
    • The Preview tool that's available beneath the question when you're editing it.

    Each of these will generally spin up a new set of variables for each question if properly configured each time.

    I hope this is useful!