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Gradebook SIS Export - Reset?

Dallas.S.26 Posts: 1 🌱

We have been using the export grades to sis for quite some time without issues. However, in a fluke scheduling incident, we ran into a situation where we had to change/rebuild sections after that date. The older grades had stopped coming over from a prior date, so late-graded submissions are not making it over. Is there a way to force the grades to the new section?



  • Sangeetha.T.629

    Hi @Dallas.S.26 ,

    Thank you for reaching us through community!!

    Based on what you’re describing, I think it would be a good idea to have a support agent take a closer look at things. To understand more on how it is affected after fluke scheduling incidents.  

     Your first step is to connect with your school or organization’s Help Desk to create a support request.   

    If you’re not sure how to do this, email us at questions@community.d2l.com with the name of your school or organization and we can provide the contact details.    

    If you are the ASC/ Admin for your Organization, please refer to our documentation for how to log a Support case or request, and a member of our Support team will be happy to assist you.