Can upload documents to a former classes' rubric to check it and download the results?

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I basically have a former class that was fully developed including assignments and rubrics. Now I am teaching a similar class, but without the fully developed D2L. So simply put, I want to upload writing assignments to the former class and evaluate them according to the former rubric (and Turnitin).

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  • Janet.W.813
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    Hi @Craig.G.70,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    I have attached a link to a video that walks through the steps needed to copy components from the fully developed course in Brightspace into the similar course offering that needs to be built out.

    This will allow you to copy and reuse the writing assignments and rubrics from the previous course. You will need to reenable Turnitin once the course copy has been completed.

    Hope this helps!