Where can we see the current roadmap


Is there any way to see the 2024 Roadmap? This link takes us to the 2025 version. And this page I find difficult to understand/navigate.

Also, I tried to leave a comment on the Roadmap page as per this post, but it is closed to comments:



  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 461 admin

    Hi @Mike.B.559
    You are indeed seeing the Roadmap for 2024. I believe that as a company D2L reports on Fiscal Years of Operation (25 years young! woohoo!) This is the reason it appears as FY25. I'll share this feedback with our Product Team, to see if there are some options to change up the labels on the columns of the roadmap.

    On the Product Focus page, were you hoping to find more information about Beta Programs specifically?

    The Product Roadmap Discussion is closed in the hopes that we can better triage related questions through forums like this or in PIE.

    That documentation on Beta Programs does require and edit to reflect that closed status- appreciate the catch and note on that!