Award - Deadline as a release condition


I am creating badges for my students based on their completion of some tasks (e.g. quizzes). But I want to award the badges only to those who complete it by a deadline. How can I add date-related release conditions to the badges? Thanks.



  • Johnny.B.962
    Options Great question! As you could see there isn't a Start/End Date or anything directly on the Awards themselves, so there isn't a way to do this directly. Your options in that case would be to either:

    1) Put End Dates on the activities the trigger the release conditions to get the Award so that users cannot complete them.


    2) Remove the release conditions on the Award on the Date/time when you no longer want people to be able to earn it, or add an additional condition that cannot be met by anyone anymore (like accessing a hidden Content topic or the like).

    Hope that helps!