Please add related ideas as "Linked submissions" on PIE item

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Nine months ago I posted this request to one of my items on the PIE. In the post (D9656), I ask forum moderators to consider updating a list of other PIE items as "Linked submissions" on this post. I was able to add several of my own posts independently, but cannot add items created by others. Since then, I have posted periodic reminders (including tagging D2L moderators) but the items have not been added. This is why I am posting here.


  • Megan.S.88
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    Hey @Mike.B.559 - I recognize that profile pic from your PIE contributions!

    This is great timing as we're working on our PIE strategy. I know that I tried to keep those related ideas linked, I'll reiterate to the rest of the team as well.


  • Mike.B.559
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    👍 And, as long as you're working on a PIE strategy, can I make a recommendation about how ideas are merged?

    By way of example, let's look at the issue of rethinking how deleting works on the "Manage Grades" page. There are four ideas calling for this (or similar) changes included as "Linked submissions" on some (not all) pages:

    (1) Make the Delete function work consistently across tools (D474)
    Submitted: 09/13/2013
    261 votes
    Status: In planning

    (2) "Manage Grades" page needs a rethink (D8304)
    Submitted: 10/01/2021
    25 votes
    Status: Under consideration

    (3) Remove grade items with fewer steps from Manage Grades (D10245)
    Submitted: 03/28/2023
    15 votes
    Status: Under consideration

    (4) Improve the Usability of the Manage Grades page (D8750)
    Submitted: 01/28/2022
    20 votes
    Status: Under consideration

    My question is: how was the decision reached to merge 2, 3, and 4 under D10245? Not only is it the most recent item posted, but also it has by far the fewest votes. Shouldn't everything have been merged under item 1? (a) this item has been on the PIE for more than a decade, (b) it has exponentially more votes, and (c) it is already marked as "In planning."