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Shuffling questions in a section

Mark.K.307 Posts: 2 🌱
edited March 19 in K-12

I have two sections in test. One is a multiple choice section, the other is a single written answer question. How do I shuffle the questions within the multiple choice section?


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  • Isaac.M.201
    Isaac.M.201 Posts: 10
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    Hello @Mark.K.307!

    To shuffle only the question which are under one of your quiz section, you can navigate to the "Edit Quiz" menu for your quiz and click on the Section itself you'd like to shuffle.

    In the "Edit Section" dialog which will open, you'll have the option to select: "Shuffle questions in this section".

    Here's a screenshot taken from our Manage quiz questions community article showing where the "Shuffle questions in this section" will be displayed.

    To ensure that questions are only shuffled in this section - and not across the entire quiz, I would recommend ensuring that the option to shuffle all questions under "Timing & Display" is left unchecked.

    I hope this helped! Please to let us know if there's anything I should clarify with my answer above.


  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 242 🌟

    @Isaac.M.201 If Shuffle questions and sections within the quiz is checked, is there a reason why that breaks up sections if Add page break after each section is selected under Paging? We're running into the issue of questions from multiple sections appearing on multiple pages instead of all questions belonging to one section per page. In addition, the title of the section only occurs on the first page where some questions appear and not the other pages that include the other questions from that section.

  • Sue.H.848
    Sue.H.848 Posts: 26 🌱
    edited March 26

    Is D2L looking into the comment above as a bug? On a related note, I have had more than one request asking how to shuffle sections in the delivered quiz display, not just shuffle within the section.

  • Isaac.M.201
    Isaac.M.201 Posts: 10

    Hello @Jennifer.W.973 & @Sue.H.848,

    Apologies for the delay, the unexpected outcome from having both “Add page break after each section” and “Shuffle Quiz” selected in a quiz is indeed a Known Issue that is being reviewed by our development team.


    The article describing this behavior was recently published to the community which is what I wanted to include in my reply to you both!

  • Isaac.M.201
    Isaac.M.201 Posts: 10
    edited April 5

    And to address your other point @Sue.H.848,

    Regarding shuffling Sections in the quiz - in order for Sections themselves to be shuffled, you would need to select the option under Timing & Display titled "Shuffle questions and sections within the quiz. Does not cascade to sub-sections."

    My reply to the original question mentioned to not select this option as this seemed to match the desired outcome of the original question posed. But if you are looking for sections within your quiz to be shuffled, then this option would need to be selected.