Status of practice activities upon completion


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I've been exploring the Creator Plus practices, and they seem quite promising. However, I'm having trouble figuring out what happens to a learner's answers once they move on and return to the page for revision. I understand that scores aren't tracked or added to the grade book. What I'm trying to ascertain is whether a learner's answers after completing the lessons, will still be visible when they revisit the lessons for whatever reason. Or do these answers, whether it is a multiple selection or typed in text within the fill in the blank question and so on, vanish as soon as they navigate away from the page?

I appreciate any insights you can provide on this matter. Thank you!



  • Alex.V.58
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    Hi Mariane! The current behaviour for this tool is that student's answers will disappear once they've left the page. However, please keep an eye on our Product Roadmap as upcoming updates to this tool will change this functionality. You will find the planned update in the last point on that roadmap.

    You can also bookmark our Release Notes Updates to be notified when the Release Notes are posted each month.