In FIB questions, how to keep blanks in the same line of the question?

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I have troubles formating Fill in the Blank questions. Sometimes the blank box goes in the same line as the sentence it is part of, and sometimes it goes to the next line. Sometimes the part of the sentence that follows the blank is in the same line as the blank, and sometimes in the next line. How can I format the paragraphs?


  • Alex.V.58
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    Hi Jose, thanks for reaching out here for some assistance. Since the blank boxes themselves aren't designed to be formatted in terms of size, the line spacing produced as a result of those boxes is not able to be formatted either.

    There is a product suggestion for this exact situation you are describing in our Product Idea Exchange. You can search for item number D10945 in the Product Idea Exchange and vote/comment on that idea. It looks like the status of the request is in review. 😊