How do I reliably add Sections to Groups for Lab Courses to manage due dates?

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I have a client who is managing several lab courses, scores of sections with thousands of students across I'm not sure how many courses. The labs that meet on different days have different due dates. Right now they are handling this by managing Special Access and setting sue dates for each section. This is quite tedious as most courses have at least 20 sections, and this is for every assignment for every course. I was hoping that there would be a way to reliably create a group for each day of the week that we could enroll sections into. There is a way to go through the class list of each sections and select students that belong in each group, but that leaves it open for a lost of errors. I also thought about building individual Assignments for each day of the week, and using release conditions by Section which could be then duplicated for the next Assignment. This is less much ideal than being able to create one assignment and set due dates by Section groups. Thanks for any ideas. I'm open to any strategy.


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    Hi, Jef!

    1. You may create the sections in your course offering, let´s say: Section A and Section B
    2. Create one Assignment (same assignment for Section A and Section B)
    3. Define Special Access and Release conditions to allow all Section A students to upload their work on Monday and Section B students on Friday.

    I hope this helps you!

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    Hey there! Yep, I offered something like that as a workaround, and suggested that they could just copy the previous assignment for that day's sections to keep the same Release Conditions. However, with the way the content is already loaded in every class at the beginning of the semester by someone else, I'm not sure if this method is less or more tedious for my client. Thanks for the input!