In Mastery View, why do my assessments say they're not assessed?


I'm testing learning outcomes in a course.

  • I have a course that has two quizzes. Both quizzes auto publish their results and grades.
  • The Mastery View settings use the "Highest" calculation method.
  • The learning outcomes are aligned with a 0/50/75 scale.

I logged in as a test user, and ensured they passed at least one exam. But the exam they passed with 98% isn't marking the learning outcomes as published.

  1. Why does the Mastery View show "0 out of 1 activities are assessed."
  2. Is there a way to auto-publish mastery results? Or do I always have to bulk publish? (I ask because this course is e-learning, and we intend to have it run for 1+ years, whenever users want to take it.)