Can a release condition restrict a student from taking 2nd quiz attempt until content is reviewed?


Is it possible in D2L to make a piece of content mandatory based on a grade on an assessment?
In other words, if a student fails an assessment, can we force them to review a specific module before they can attempt the assessment a second time? If yes, how would this be set up?


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Greg.S.44
    I think what you might do is limit the first quiz to one attempt and then create a new module that is conditionally released based on a score below the threshold for quiz 1.

    In this screen shot I show a release condition for a module where that module will only appear is a student has achieved 50% or less on the first quiz

    In this case the second module would include supplementary material and another quiz.
    In this case, the Instructor would need to communicate to the students that successful completion of this course means achievement of a score of >=51% on Quiz 1 or 80% on Quiz 2 for example.

    This information also includes some handy videos that show how and where release conditions are set just in case it's handy

    hope that helps to provide a possible next step