Quiz: Is there anyone working on alternative questions for second quiz attempt

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We have a faculty who would like to give students a chance to improve their quiz attempts by giving them a second chance to learn what they did wrong and then retake the exam (with a new set of questions) on the very same chapters/content areas. He sees from the data that currently students view the questions they get wrong and only memorize the answers and not learn the content. What he would like to do is have the first quiz (quiz A) and then the second (quiz B) attempt with a new set of questions that would be on the same content, but would be a new question (not just randomly shuffled). Any ideas? While we will probably submit this to PIE, we are looking to see if others have an idea about how we might go about the process of building this functionality with the current version of D2L.


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Chad.K.380
    I think a release condition might work in this instance.

    If this Faculty member created two separate quizzes, they could choose a release condition on the second one so that it appears only for students who achieve a score below a specific threshold or (I think this requires learning objectives to have been associated with quiz questions) scores on specific questions in a quiz.

    In this way the instructor might either author unique questions for each quiz, or select different sets of questions from the quiz question library if they're using that tool.