Changing a Quiz Question to a Bonus Question (after grades have been published)

Hello! I am attempting to change a quiz question to a bonus question for a quiz for which students have already submitted their responses and grades had already been published. I retracted feedback, changed the max score, allowed the points to exceed max points, and republished grades, but the gradebook still will not show the new scores with the change to the bonus question. Any tips?


  • Isidora.R.173
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    Hi there!

    It appears that the workflow you are currently following may not be correct. By retracting the grades first, adjusting the maximum score, and exceeding the maximum points, then re-publishing, the system will automatically recalculate the grades to maintain consistency with the original while preserving the weighted score.

    To address this issue, you'll need to revert the changes made by following these steps:

    1. Retract the grades, again.
    2. Restore the maximum score of the grade items to their original values.
    3. Re-publish the grades.

    After completing these steps, you can proceed with the instructions outlined in this article: Quizzes FAQ, Hot Tips, and Workarounds under "How do I change a quiz question to a bonus question?".

    If not all users have taken the quiz, you can toggle the questions as bonus by editing the quiz, as described in the article. However, if all users have already completed the quiz, you can choose to skip the first 5 steps and:

    1. Without retracting the grades, adjust the maximum points on the associated grade item to the new, lower maximum points to allow for extra credit.
    2. Check the "Can Exceed" box if you want learners to be able to receive more than 100% for the grade item. Similarly, check the "Can Exceed" box on the category and Final Calculated Grade if you want learners to potentially receive more than 100% for the category and final grade.

    Following these steps should address the issue. Please let us know if you encounter any problems while following these steps.

    Hope this helps!

  • E’lise.N.0
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    Hello and thank you for your answer! I have completed the steps you outlined and am still finding that a student who scored perfectly on the quiz is still showing 2/2 rather than 3/2 in the Gradebook. I have the max number of points set to 2 and am allowing students to exceed the max number of points.

  • Isidora.R.173

    Hi @E’lise.N.0!,

    After retracting the grade, did you restore the maximum value back to 3 and then republish the grades? The student should have received 100%. After that, if you proceeded to lower the max score to 2 once again and checked the 'can exceed grade' option, the student should have received a 3/2 score.

    If this did not happen, and based on what you’re describing, I think it would be a good idea to have a support agent take a closer look at things to check for further configurations that might be preventing the steps from working properly.

    Your first step is to connect with your school or organization’s Help Desk to create a support request.  

    If you’re not sure how to do this, email us at with the name of your school or organization and we can provide the contact details.   

    If you are the ASC/ Admin for your Organization, please refer to our documentation for how to log a Support case, and a member of our Support team will be happy to assist you 😊

  • E’lise.N.0
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    We got it to work! The key for us was not to retract or republish the grades.

    We simply completed the following steps in this order after students had submitted and grades were auto-published:

    1. Toggle Bonus for the quiz question.
    2. Update all attempts for a specific question.
    3. Select Can Exceed
    4. Change Max Points