How do I code a solution to query the Brightspace API?

Kevin.G.123 Posts: 9 🌱
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I am trying to develop a programming solution to query the Brightspace API. The reason is because of incompatibilities with Informatica which is my only tool for integration at this time.

I have tried scripts in both Python and Powershell. I need a refresh token. The following link shows how to obtain a refresh token.

I get a refresh token, but the cannot be used in my program as it gets rejected as an invalid refresh token because the token is from another program. So I need an initial valid token for my program before I can get a refresh token.

So to develop a program to query the Brightspace API, do I need to write code to implement the OAuth 2.0 three legged scheme to get the initial token?

Has anyone in this developer forum been able to program a custom solution to query the Brightspace API?