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Is there a way that instructors can receive email notifications when a student submits an assignment?



  • Bharti.B.332

    Hello @Sherina.C.136 ,

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    An instructor can add notifications for specific assignments so they are notified when a user submits an assignment

    1. Go to Assignments
    2. Go to one of the assignments
    3. Go to Edit assignment
    4. Go to Submission and Completion
    5. Go to Notification Email
    6. Enter your email address

    Go to Save and Close.

    Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Bharti Bhardwaj

  • Shonelle.W.988
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    This is perfect. I was looking for exactly this information.

    This community is amazing.


  • Serge.B.511
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    So if a teacher has 5 classes with 5 assignments each, they have to put their email address 25 times? There should be a way to set this up as a global notification so that they could just check a box to receive a notification when an assignment is submitted in any class without having to do all this work (perhaps in the global Notifications when you click on your name in the right hand corner?). Just my 2 cents.