Group Discussions and complete separation.


We are attempting to try some things where we have totally separate discussion posts. We do not want two groups of students to be able to see each other's post in the class. However, we would like to have a link to the Discussion post in the Content area so that the student's could easily access it. Is there a way to make it where when a student from Group A clicks on the Discussion post in Content they are routed to the correct Discussion area, and when a student from Group B clicks on the same Discussion post link in Content, they are taken to their area?

Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Timothy.W.146 When setting up the discussion topic, go to the Availability Dates & Conditions tab on the side and click Manage Restrictions. Choose the second option Restrict topic and separate the threads and the group category. The threads and replies will automatically be filtered to only students who are in the same group so that students from group A cannot see anything from group B and vice versa. It will remain as one topic within the forum that you can add to Content (as well as associate with a single grade item, if needed.)