Intelligent agents at a global level


Hello BS Community! We're working on implementing IAs in each course to encourage increased engagement in courses. A few questions:

  1. Is there a way to add IA's at the global level, rather than the Org unit level? For example, is there a way to set up an IA that is triggered by being enrolled in any course? 

  2. Since we will be increasing e-mail volume, we're expecting some to reach out wanting to "unsubscribe". Is there a best practice for removing a single individual from IA communications, or a workaround you would recommend?


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Heather,

    A couple of options for you below:

    1. At this point there is no global intelligent agent functionality. However, you are able to copy Intelligent Agents from one course offering/course template to another. You could create a course offering with all the IA's required therein and have those available to be copied into a course offering by the Instructor or as part of the course creation process.
    2. Learners can enable/disable notifications on their own account as necessary. The following resource highlights how this is achieved. See Another option is to create a group in every course offering into which all users are enrolled. Group membership can be added as a release condition to the IA. If a user wants to unsubscribe they notify the instructor who intern removes them from the group.

    Hope this helps!

  • Patrick.T.328
    Patrick.T.328 Posts: 2 🌱

    Hi Heather,

    We use a fair number of "global" intelligent agents at our institution. We set them in the agent list for the main OU. Our primary way of using them is automatically enroll users in a variety of courses or groups. All teachers, for example, get enrolled into a community site in the LMS as their accounts are added to it. They then get a welcome message.

    We also use them to look at students enrolled in one course and then enroll them in another. One of our nursing courses, for example, wants all of their students to have access to a course our library put together on APA formatting. For cases like this, we set the agents to run daily through our census period.

    The condition you're looking for is the Classlist > Org Unit Enrollment condition. The only downside that we've found I that you need to include specific courses. For our nursing course scenario above, if there are three sections, then we need to add all three to the agent. We update the agent each term that the courses are offered.

    Hope this helps.