Flag imported questions that don't work?


I'm discovering that many (maybe most) of the thousands of questions I have created in moodle do not import properly into brighspace. By that, I mean they don't work. Most classes of questions, in fact, don't work. And there is no clear, on-by-default way to know that after importing. Brightspace cheerfully tells me it has imported my question library, which is pretty awesome! Until I create a quiz or exam and it doesn't work and there's no way to tell which part is broken.

I hope you'll forgive the frustration. 18 hours spent creating one @#$%ing exam is not an experience I want to repeat.

I'm pretty sure at this point that Brightspace is currently (2024-february) incapable of importing most questions from moodle in a functional way (very happy to be wrong!), so how about the next best thing: Is there a way to turn on error messages or warning flags, ideally tied to specific questions, during or after the process of importing course components from other systems like moodle? If I can't get the questions imported effectively, it would be a nice fallback to scroll through my new Brightspace question library and see big red or yellow flags telling me which questions are broken, and in what way.

Is there anything like this? Or anything that can do this work in other ways?


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    HI @Darrin.R.505
    I definitely want to see what we can do to help you with that import.
    Here are the steps that I'm taking

    1) I'm going to connect with your Account Team so they know where you're running into problems- they may want or need to document some of this with a support case which, as you've pointed out could lead to changes in the way the tool indicates problems

    2) Another way we can make change in the tool itself is for advocating for the flags you've described in our Product Idea Exchange (PIE) and by sharing this feedback with our Product Team.
    - I'm going to share this feedback with the team so they have it on record, but opening a PIE item is something you can do as a customer if you would like.

    3) Our Brightspace Learning Center includes a bulk import tool for the Quiz Question Library (Quiz Question Converter)- but it is limited to specific question types and it can't upload images at the same time that you're uploading questions/answers. It might be handy to check it out- you can use the tool that we provide here in the Learning Center, or you can download it for free and use it from your school's Brightspace instance.

  • Darrin.R.505
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    Thanks. The "make a feature request" suggestion doesn't seem to have worked out with much success for an awful lot of requests going back 20 years or so. I don't have much confidence in that process.