Team-based quizzes?


Can Brightspace do team-based quizzes (as in team-based learning, or TBL)? This would involve having one quiz attempt active, with scores applied to each person in a group.

With Blackboard and Moodle I did this by having each team (5-10 students) choose one member as the quiz-taker of record (QTOR, I guess), then

  1. The QTOR logs into the LMS and starts the quiz
  2. The entire team gathers around the laptop or computer monitor
  3. Everyone discusses each question and decides on an answer
  4. The QTOR submits the quiz
  5. I go into the gradebook later and change all the zeroes (everyone but the QTOR will have a zero for the quiz) to the QTOR's score, which is actually the team score.

Does Brightspace have a function to allow this more easily? For instance, if my groups are already created, can I just designate the group as the quiz-taker for certain quizzes, and then anyone from the group who clicks "start" on the quiz becomes the QTOR (possibly locking everyone else out in a first-come/first-served situation) and then the QTOR's quiz score gets automatically propagated to all team members after finishing, along with changes I might make to the grade afterward?


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Darrin,

    At this time Brightspace does not team-based quiz functionality as you have described.
    Using the existing tool functionality you could:

    • Create the groups
      • have one person from the group take the quiz
      • copy the quiz score in the Grades tool to all other group members
    • Have group members individually take the same quiz in the collaborative context you have described

    The idea for team based quizzing in Brightspace is a good one. You should consider making a submission into the Product Idea Exchange for review and consideration.

    Hope this helps.

  • Darrin.R.505
    Darrin.R.505 Posts: 16 🌱

    Yes, that is exactly what I do. I was hoping since Brightspace is a computer thing, and computers are good at automating tedious tasks like this, and this is a tedious thing that thousands of college teachers do every year, BS would already have this functionality.

    Looking through the feature request site I don't have much confidence that requesting features will provide a positive ROI even for the 5-10 minutes' investment it would take to do that.