Is it possible to conduct 2 levels of pooling when c5reating a quiz?

Mike.J.387 Posts: 2 🔍
For example: we have a main category (Unit) and sub-category (chapters). Can we create a pool of questions from the chapters (for a short quizzes) and the create a unit test by pooling all of the various quizzes?


  • Susan.W.104
    Susan.W.104 Posts: 15

    HI @Mike.J.387

    Is this what you are wishing to achieve? This was create a section (Unit), then add the Pool of questions into there, create another section (Chapters) and pool of questions for there. Be mindful that your Pools have the same Point value that you are pulling (see below)

    I organize in my question library the questions into weeks, plus point value. That way when I pull questions into a pool, they are the same value.