Backdating certificates

Our courses have had badges since launch, and these have been awarded to learners as they have completed various modules and courses. I am now testing certificate templates for the same courses.

I have added a release condition such that the learner earns the certificate by earning the course completion badge (which, in some cases, has been awarded months ago). I want the certificate to display the date they earned the badge (essentially backdating the certificate to a date before the certificate was added to the course awards). Is there a replacement string that makes this possible?




  • Olly.F.893

    Hi Courtney, I don't think that's possible. I think the award can only use a replace string for the date that the award (in this case the certificate) is issued. There is a list of replace strings that can be used but there's not one that could pull through a date from a different award. That should only be an issue for these ones which were already earned, rather than any where the badge hasn't yet been earned.

  • Courtney.M.362
    Courtney.M.362 Posts: 13 🔍

    Thanks for the response. Because the certificate is a new addition to the course, and it is awarded automatically to each learner who has already earned the course completion badge, these certificates will display the date the certificate was created, instead of the date they actually completed the course - which is not an accurate representation of the learner's achievement timeline.

    Long story short, it looks like we will need to manually create the individual certificates for these early learners rather than having Brightspace do that for us.