Can an IA be set so a Learner immediatley gets an email when enrolled into a course through LG?


Can an intelligent agent be set up so that when someone is assigned learning (i.e., a course) through Learning Groups, they immediatley get a Welcome Email sent to them? Please see attached pic for the current set up of the IA.
Or is it only possible to have the IA run hourly?

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    @Olivia.T.773 Hi Olivia,

    Thank you for reaching out to us on Community.

    You can create an IA to have a release condition based on the role in the current org unit, Example>Enrolled in current org unit as the role: Learner, Doing so will ensure the learner role user who got enrolled into the course gets the Welcome email once the IA is run

    When you create a release condition for the IA you will need to select the condition "Role in Current Org Unit", Criteria will be Enrolled As and Role will be Learner

    For this IA you can set to run Hourly. Note that only for Login and course activity the Hourly schedule is not avilable.

    For more information on Intelligent Agents please refer to