How do I create an assignment that can be assigned to different modules?

Donna.T.986 Posts: 3 🌱

I will be creating >150 modules and they all have the same 2 assignments, how can I create the assignments so that they are available to put in all of my modules. Searching in the community doesn't provide anything immediately useful.


  • Hi Donna.T.986,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    For the workflow you are trying to achieve, I suggest that you first create the assignment in one of the modules. Once you have done that, you can then take advantage of the copy assignment to other courses tool we have to send that to the other 149 modules.

    You can find more information about the tool in the link.

    Please review the documentation provided and let us know if this resource was helpful in completing your intended workflow.

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  • Donna.T.986
    Donna.T.986 Posts: 3 🌱

    I have copy assignment but not copy assignment to other courses. Do you know where I can turn this option on?

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  • Hi @Donna.T.986,

    To see the "copy to other courses" option, please reach out to your Brightspace Admin to enable the permission Assignments > Copy to Other Courses for your role.

    Once you have the right permission, you should be able to see the option in the assignment tool and you can follow the information in the documentation provided to copy the assignments to the other courses.

    Thank you,