Setting up private journal in discussions not working

Could someone help me? I'm worried that students can see each other's private journal entries. When I go in as a student, I am able to see other students. I checked with my Vanderbilt Brightspace team and they said there is no way to set up private journals - but I've done this for years. I'm wondering if something has changed.

I've used the Groups function in previous years to set up a private journal for students to use for weekly reflections. I use Enrollment Type (Single User, member-specific groups) and then set up discussion topics within that with Group and Section Restrictions (restrict topic and separate threads). This makes it easier for grading. Here is a resource from a different university that spells it out:

Any ideas are welcomed!

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  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Susan.D.604 Hi Susan, are you using the view as student option or impersonating an enrolled student in the course? The view as student option doesn't always show an accurate view of what the students actually see.


  • Susan.D.604
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    Jennifer, thank you so much. I asked a student to tell me what they saw and it is set up correctly. Apparently this is such a common user error that my own university's Brightspace support staff made the same mistake and I have been worrying about nothing. I appreciate your help.