How do you set up and AI for quiz answers?

I have noticed that there is a lot of cheating, plagiarizing, and AI content being used for answers in the Quiz tool. I am trying to circumvent this by having and AI attached to long answers in the quiz tool.


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    Hi @Marcia.L.673
    I wanted to connect you with a few discussions here in Community where some folks are sharing about a few different articles and technology options.

  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Marcia.L.673
    Sorry that last response let you down
    I'm learning through your question and can confirm that TII can't be used in Quizzes in Brightspace.
    A colleague here at D2L made a great point though, since you're interested in using Turnitin for Written Response questions, you could consider making those questions an Assignment Submission and then using Turnitin for those assessment questions.

    Grateful to you for posting here and for helping me to learn more through your question!

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    Yes, that is an option, but it becomes a paing to submit an assignment and an exam question with the format of how I create assignments. I also tried to upload individual answers for me to check…but, it didn't work. Is there a way for a teacher to upload answers into the Assignments Dropboxes under our own names or a student's name in order to check. That would be so much simpler to do. Thanks.

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    Hi @Marcia.L.673

    I'm Jackie, the product manager for Assignments. Just so I can help you with your needs better, is there a reason why you need to submit the answers under your names or under your students' names to check, instead of using a regular assignment submission process? You mentioned that it's a pain to submit an assignment and an exam question with the format with how you create assignments - I'm curious to know what the format is and why its a pain?

    If you want to submit the files on behalf of a student, you can impersonate them to submit, here's a thread that talks more about this.