Discussion form setup and permissions



I like to know if it is possible to give individual permissions for one student response and a marker in the discussion forum and hide from view of other students?

Thank you.




  • brad.r.503
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    Hello Caroline,

    In Brightspace, you can manage permissions and visibility settings for discussion forums and topics to control what students and other course participants can see or do. However, the platform doesn't natively support individual permissions for single responses within a discussion topic. Typically, all posts in a discussion topic are visible to anyone who has access to that topic.

    For your specific need to give permissions for one student's response and a marker in a discussion forum and hide it from the view of other students, you might consider the following workaround:

    1. Create a Separate Discussion Topic:
      • Create a new discussion topic specifically for the student and marker.
      • In the "Restrictions" tab of the discussion topic settings, you can use the "Group and Section Restrictions" to restrict access to only the specific student and the marker. This will require setting up groups in advance where each group contains only the student and the marker.
    2. Use Private Groups:
      • If you want the interaction to be private between the student and the marker, you can create a single-user group for the student and then associate the discussion topic with that group. This way, only the student in the group and the marker (instructor) can view and participate in the discussion.
    3. Direct Feedback:
      • For providing feedback that's hidden from other students, consider using the "Assessments" or "Grades" feature in Brightspace. You can provide direct feedback on assignments or grades that is only visible to the individual student.

    Remember, while these methods can help in creating a more private interaction space within discussions, it's essential to ensure that these settings align with your course's instructional goals and comply with your institution's policies on student privacy.

    If you require further assistance or have specific questions about setting this up in Brightspace, feel free to ask!