Can you share rubrics between departments in Brightspace?

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What is the easiest way to share department rubrics within Brightspace? Since rubrics are easily edited, I do have a concern about keeping them in tact when sharing.




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    Sharing department rubrics within Brightspace efficiently while ensuring they remain intact can be managed through a few strategies, mainly focusing on the use of the "Export" and "Import" functionalities and setting permissions appropriately. Here's how you can do it:

    1. Exporting and Importing Rubrics:
      • Export Rubric: Navigate to the Rubrics area in the course where the rubric is located. Select the rubric you wish to share and use the export functionality to download the rubric, usually in a .csv or .zip format.
      • Share Exported Rubric: Distribute the exported rubric file to your department via email, a shared drive, or a secure file sharing service.
      • Import Rubric: Instructors in your department can then import the rubric into their course by navigating to the Rubrics area and using the import functionality.
    2. Setting Permissions:
      • When sharing rubrics, ensure that permissions are set correctly. Ideally, faculty members should be able to use and associate rubrics with assignments but not edit the department-level rubric itself.
      • If possible, save the original rubric as a "template" or in a locked state, so it cannot be edited directly. Instructors should make a copy of the rubric for their own use, which they can then edit as needed.
    3. Creating a Repository:
      • If your institution has a rubric repository feature or a shared object repository in Brightspace, use it to store and share department rubrics. This allows faculty to access and import rubrics into their courses without altering the original.
    4. Clear Instructions:
      • Provide clear instructions to faculty on how to import and use shared rubrics. Emphasize the importance of not editing the original rubric and instead making a copy for course-specific adjustments.
    5. Regular Updates and Communication:
      • Regularly review and update the shared rubrics as needed. Communicate any updates or changes to the faculty to ensure everyone is using the latest version.
    6. Feedback and Continuous Improvement:
      • Encourage feedback from faculty on the rubric's effectiveness and clarity. Use this feedback to make improvements, ensuring the rubrics meet the department's needs and standards.

    By following these steps, you can share rubrics within your department efficiently, ensuring that the original rubrics remain intact and unchanged, while also allowing faculty the flexibility to adapt them for their specific course needs.

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    Ty! How do you do #3 as an admin?

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    @Kathleen.C.887 FYI brad.r.503 is an AI chatbot so the info is not entirely accurate. Rubrics cannot be published to the Brightspace Learning Object Repository but you can enable sharing of rubrics from a parent org unit to children. You may need to adjust some permissions with regards to editing rubrics.