What permissions does Academic Support need to view Discussion Progress in Class Progress?


I currently have Sub-Admin access and in Class Progress I am able to view Discussion Progress - seeing how many posts a student has made on each Discussion and then how many replies as well & views on each discussion. Our Academic Support staff are unable to view Discussions Progress and I need to know if there is a simple area/permission I can give them to view that to aid students in completing all requirements?


  • Syed.H.393

    Hi Jocelyn.J.726

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    From Clas Progress, select a user, then Click on Setting icon

    Now tick on Discussions as in below screenshot

    Please let us know if above steps fixed the issue.

    Should you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

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    Syed Hasan

  • Jocelyn.J.726
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    Hi Syed - so I feel like it is more for a permission/access issue. I have access to see it & I have Sub-Admin role. But for Academic Support - they are only seeing Assignments and Content and not seeing Discussions in Class Progress. I am trying to find a way to give them access to view the breakdown of a students Discussions Posts. I have an Award system set up where discussion posts are part of the requirements and I just need the Academic Support to have the ability to see the Discussion progress, so they can tell students what they are missing. If that makes sense. Jocelyn